code of ethics

With a proper knowledge of their key role in doing their corporate missions and in realization of the company's visions, IME's staff, under God's guidance and auspices, will bear the following in mind.

1. Law-abiding organizational behavior in line with realization of company's missions and visions
2. Respecting others' rights and their personal privacy and treating them with dignity
3. Observing religious values and dressing codes
4. Aspire to excellence in the services of the company in such a way that clients and consumers obtain the satisfaction expected therefrom
5. Observing politeness and respect in communication and behavior and abstaining from engaging in unfair practices
6. Exercising and displaying virtues of truthfulness, discipline, responsibility, patience, criticizability and being faithful to the company.
7. Not investing in exchanges and not interfering and getting involved in anything and of any kind different form pre-defined responsibilities
8. Maintain as confidential the background, data and documents to which they have access by virtue of their functions in the company, even when they no longer carry out such functions
9. Shall not use information for any personal gain or in any manner that would be contrary to the law or detrimental to the legitimate and ethical objectives of the organization.
10. Company comes first in cases that conflict of interest arises
11. Refraining from anything that might harm company's image and reputation, including libels, gossips and unfounded rumors.
12. Avoiding any kind of discrimination with respect to race, ethnicity, religion and sex
13. Using company's assets and potentials in the most optimal way.
14. Avoiding cigarettes and drugs
15. Refraining from receiving gifts of any kind

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