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Secondary Market


Listings of non-transferable commodities in the Secondary Market:


The offering seller of the commodities in the secondary market should submit separate applications for each time of offering which should be approved and confirmed by the Offering Committee. Offering a certain commodity in the secondary market shall not justify continuation of the offering of that commodity without going through the required process mentioned in the relevant instruction.

Meeting the abovementioned requirements the listing request must be submitted by the listing brokerage firm to the Offer Committee of the exchange and the Committee shall decide on the application within 5 business days.

In case of approval of the Offer Committee to list the nominated commodity in the Secondary Market, IME is required to submit the prospectus of the listed commodity with other documents to the SEO. In case that the SEO will not comment about not offering the commodity within 3 working days, the IME shall be authorized to release the prospectus publicly.

It should be mentioned that all documents submitted in order to list commodities to the secondary market must be kept and preserved in the archives of the IME and must be presented to the SEO upon request and in case that the SEO discerns that the rules and regulations have not been complied with during the process of handling the applications for listing of the commodities in the secondary market of the IME or the method or the amount of the information presented by the applicant, it shall be authorized to prevent offering the commodity.

In addition after listing and during the period prior to offering date of the commodity in the secondary market, whenever the Offering Committee discerns that the commodity is void of listing condition in the market or the seller of commodity has acted in violation of the rules and regulations, it shall delist the commodity from the secondary market and shall not allow the offering of the commodity. However after each time of offering, the commodity shall automatically be delisted from the secondary market as per rules and regulations.


The commodities listed in the spot market and suspended in accordance with rules and regulations may be listed in the Secondary market as per following:

1.      In case of suspension of a seller’s commodity in the spot market, he may present the expertise report of the listing of the commodity in the secondary market to the Offering Committee and then listings shall be decided in accordance with articles 6 and 7 of the secondary Market Instruction.

2.      In case of listing a commodity in the secondary market the maximum period aloud for trading shall be three month from the date of suspension. During this period, the seller shall not be required to follow the listings process for each time of offering.

3.      During the abovementioned 3-month period, in case of removal of suspension, the commodity shall cease to continue trading in the secondary market and shall resume trading in the spot market.

4.      In case of continuation of suspension status for the end of three month period, the exchange must submit a report on decisions regarding cessation of trading in the Secondary Market to the Board of Listing.

5.      In case of approval of the continuation of suspension by the Board of Listing, the commodity shall continue to be traded in the secondary market but it is necessary for the commodity to follow the listings process as per rules and regulations for each time of offering.

6.      The maximum period of continuation of listing and trading the commodities referred to in this paragraph in the secondary Market shall be six months effective from the date of suspension from the spot market and by termination of this period the commodity shall automatically delisted from the Secondary Market.


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20 kg of Gold Bars Sold on Iran Mercantile Exchange

20 kg of Gold Bars Sold on Iran Mercantile Exchange

On Monday, September 20, 2021, the IME witnessed trade of 20 kg of gold bars on its metals and minerals trading floor.

IME Exports Bitumen, Sulfur and Insulation

IME Exports Bitumen, Sulfur and Insulation

On Sunday, September 19, 2021, the IME witnessed trade of 14, 740 tonnes of bitumen, 7,700 tonnes of sulfur and 100 tonnes of insulation on its export pit.

Customers Purchased Vacuum Bottom and Lube Cut on IME

Customers Purchased Vacuum Bottom and Lube Cut on IME

On Saturday, September 18, 2021, the IME witnessed trade of 18,000 tonnes of vacuum bottom and 1,000 tonnes of lube cut on its oil and petrochemical trading floor.

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