Quality Policies

IME Quality Policies


IIME by considering its quality policies based on the fundamental concepts in quality management such as Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement, Value of Every Associate, has adopted ISO 9001:2000 as one of its procedures to develop the quality of management activities and following goals like: Content Customers, Higher Revenues, Lower Costs and Versed Employees.


IME Main Quality Policies are as below:

1- Setting perspectives and codification of transparent long-term and mid-term goals,

2- Setting annual goals and management approach based on objectives and results,

3- Employing scientific methods in the quality management procedure,  

4-Establishing a logical, consistent and coherent connection among market participants, organizations influencing IME, the media, shareholders and employees activities,

5- Identifying and meeting the needs of active and potential market participants, improving standards and efforts to enhance quality of services,

6- Providing a competitive, transparent and fair market for the activities of producers, suppliers and customers of the listed commodities in IME

7- Expanding services and creating diversity in trading instruments including a variety of product-based securities tailored to the needs of market participants

8- Providing underpinning for utilizing the risk management and fair price discovery instruments

9- Creating sustainable competitive advantages in order to increase the company's capability to act in international arena,

10-  Endeavoring to build confidence and improve the company's reputation,

11- Attracting market participants and increasing the continuous penetration rate in exchange inside and outside of Iran,

12- Expanding electronic trading as the main platform in IME in accordance with the development of infrastructure in Iran,

13- Developing international activities so as to gain the right position in the global capital market,

14- Improving knowledge and skills level of employees through systematic training,

15- Attracting and developing employees' participation in corporate governance in order to enhance their productivity and shar the results with them,

16- Strengthening the teamwork spirit among the staff to create evolution in IME.

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Offering Steel, Copper, Zinc and Gold on Metal and Mineral Trading Floor

Offering Steel, Copper, Zinc and Gold on Metal and Mineral Trading Floor

On Monday, August 10, 2020, the metal and mineral trading floor of the Iran Mercantile Exchange will play host to offering of 100,100 MT of HRS, 4,000 MT of copper cathode, 20,000 MT of low grade copper, 400 MT of zinc ingot, 12 MT of precious metal concentrates and 8 kg of gold bullion.

Exporting Bitumen and Insulation through IME’s Export Ring

Happened on the First Day of Week

Exporting Bitumen and Insulation through IME’s Export Ring

On Sunday, August 9, 2020, the export ring of the Iran Mercantile Exchange played host to trading of 410 MT of insulation as well as 10,480 MT of bitumen.

IME Witnessed a %58 Growth in its Metal Trading Volume

Over the Last Week

IME Witnessed a %58 Growth in its Metal Trading Volume

During weekdays ending up to August 6, 2020, while over 572,763 MT of commodities worth over 1,190 million USD were traded on the Iran Mercantile Exchange, the trading volume on its metal and mineral trading floor experienced a growth of %58.