Vision and Mission


“Our vision is to be the dominant price-setter for basic commodities and intermediate raw materials in the region as well as the preferred option for producers to meet their financing needs and to hedge their commercial risks.”




In line with Iran’s 20-year vision plan and in order to pay its share of contribution to the country’s capital market, IME has been relying on an efficient organizational structure, taking advantage of state-of-the art technologies , new and varied financial instruments as well as risk management with a view to enhancing market and product diversity, defining new standards, increasing transparency, facilitating processes, improving its position in the society and also becoming a price discovery reference in the country and the region, in pursuance of being recognized as a highly-credited exchange across the world.



Core Strategies

[1] Securitization and development of derivatives instruments;

[2] Designing and using a variety of financing and trading instruments tailored to customers' requirements;

[3] Extending the size and the depth of market for selected commodities to become a price reference in the market;

[4]Using the capacity of financial institutions to develop IME’s business;

[5] Creating a customer-oriented culture and setting high quality standards;

[6]Continuous optimization and updating information technology (IT) capabilities commensurate with the market and tools developments;

[7]Promoting the functions and improving the position of IME on the business environment and the media;

[8]Developing IME’s activities to enhance the country's trading with international markets




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Oil and Petrochemical Trading Floor Hosts Offering 187 thousand tonnes of VB Feed Stock

Oil and Petrochemical Trading Floor Hosts Offering 187 thousand tonnes of VB Feed Stock

On Sunday, March 29, 2020, the oil and petrochemical trading floor of Iran Mercantile Exchange will play host to offering of 184,000 MT of VB feed stock.

The Message of the CEO of IME for The Nowruz of 1399

The Message of the CEO of IME for The Nowruz of 1399

The New Year Message of Dr. Soltani Nejad, CEO of the IME, for the coming of the New Iranian Year 1399 and Nowruz celebrations

IME Sells Steel Rebars, Blooms and HRS

IME Sells Steel Rebars, Blooms and HRS

On Monday, March 16, 2020, the IME traded 63,000 tonnes of steel blooms, 12,606 tonnes of rebar basket and 63,910 tonnes of HRS

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Sunday, March 29, 2020 15:33

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