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Listings Process-Spot Market

Part II: Commodity Admission Process
Article 8- admission application form shall have to be submitted to the exchange together with the following documents:
1-    Admission and listing questionnaire,
2-    Prospectus
3-    Commodity ID form
4-    Certified copy of the standard certificate of commodity
5-    Admission fee payment slip
6-    The written undertaking of the producing company stating that the company has prepared the ground for a visit to the production lines and warehouses at the request of the board of admission or the exchange.
7-    Certified copy of the clearing documents of the commodity which is under listing from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Customs Administration
8-    Customs Green pass
9-    Inspection certificate of origin/destination
10-    Warrant for the commodities which are cleared from customs and shipped into the domestic warehouses
11-    Certified copy of proforma invoice, registered for order placing, together with the documents of the opened letter of credit or payment certificate for the non-cleared imported commodity
12-    Certification of the competent authorities for the commodities which are subject to observation of special regulations or obtaining legal licenses
13-    Further information which may be discerned significant by the applicant or
14-    at the request of the exchange or the board of admission
Note: with regard to the commodities which are not subject to compulsory standards, applicants shall have to provide quality control certificate from laboratories certified by the Standard Organization. In case that obtaining the certificate from the standard organization is impossible, the certificate shall be obtained from other exchange certified labs.

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IME Sold Nearly 60,000 Tonnes of Vacuum Bottom and Lube Cut

IME Sold Nearly 60,000 Tonnes of Vacuum Bottom and Lube Cut

On Tuesday, April 13, 2021, the IME witnessed trade of 55,000 tonnes of vacuum bottom and 4,000 tonnes of lube cut on its oil and petrochemical trading floor.

Steel Ranks First in IME Trades

Steel Ranks First in IME Trades

On Monday, April 12, 2021, the IME witnessed trades of 5,000 tonne of color steel sheet rolls, 1,000 tonnes of CRS type B, 12,000 tonnes of HRS for home appliances, 1,750 tonnes of galvanized steel sheets for home appliances and 34,980 tonnes of HRS for automobile industry on its mineral and industrial trading g floor.

Еженедельный отчет IME

Еженедельный отчет IME

Рост объема и стоимости сделок В течение недели, закончившейся 9 апреля 2021 года, IME зафиксировала торговлю 745 073 тоннами товаров на общую сумму более 443 миллионов долларов США, показав 102 и 109 процентов роста объема и стоимости торгов соответственно.

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