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The First Presence of Zarshouran Gold Welcomed in IME

On Monday, October 26th, 25.948 Kg of gold bullion from Zarshouran Mine were traded on metals and minerals trading floor of Iran Mercantile Exchange.
The First Presence of Zarshouran Gold Welcomed in IME

According to the report from IME international affairs and PR, 900 MT of copper cathode priced at 175,890 IRR/Kg, 580 MT of copper rode priced at 183,280 IRR/Kg, 5 KT of low grade copper, 140 MT of sulfur molybdenum and 6 MT of precious metal concentrates were traded by National Iranian Copper Industries Co. on the same trading floor.

Also, 200 MT of copper rod was traded by Donyaye Mes Kashan priced at 183,830 IRR/Kg on the same trading floor.

Isfahan Steel Co. attended the metals and minerals trading floor by trading of 660 MT of HRS type C, 1,980 MT of HRS type B, 600 MT of CRS type B, 300 MT of tin plates, as well as 14 KT of short rebar and I-Beam Basket priced at 13,543 IRR/Kg.

The report adds on oil and petrochemical pit of IME, 25 KT of VB, 6 KT of lube cut, 5,316 MT of polymer products, 20 MT of sulfuric acid and 300 MT of sulfur were traded by customers.

Moreover the export pit played host to the trading of 5,450 MT of bitumen 6070 and 12,100 MT of bitumen 85100.

Lastly, the agricultural pit witnessed trading of 30 MT of Tarom rice from Golestan and 15 MT of maize from Qazvin and 50 MT of sugar.

Based on the report, totally more than 80 KT of various products worth more than 40 million USD were traded on export and domestic trading floors of IME.

Author: international affairs and PR

ID: 50054034

Published on: Monday, October 26, 2015 16:45

Source: IME

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