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Export Trading Floor


Sulfur lumps on IME export floor


Regional Hub

The Export Trading Floor (also Export Ring) of the exchange started operating in 2008 aimed at forming a regional hub for the export of oil-related products, and later, petrochemical products to the target markets across the globe. Polymers, bitumen of different grades, steel rebar, sulfur, copper cathode and aluminum billets are the most traded underlying commodities on this sub-division of the physical market of the IME. Both domestic and international suppliers may offer their manufactured commodities for trade on this platform. The trading venue is located on Kish Island and is accessible electronically from across the country.

The export ring serves the market participants as a platform to facilitae the foreign trade by providing unrestricted access for foreign traders and international investors. The exchange continues to maintain the price benchmark for petrochemicals and bitumen products out of the export transactions leading to form a price reference for the regional and international commodity traders, data vendors and commodity websites.



The commodities listed and traded in this market are as follows:


  • Bitumen (60/70, 85/100, 40/50, MC 250)
  • Lube cut
  • Base oil


  • Polypropylene and PVC
  • Aromatics, LAB


  • Chemicals like Caustic Soda
  • Sulfur


  • Steel rebar
  • Aluminum ingots and billets



Foreign traders who are interested in purchasing the above underlying commodities in export ring of the IME may contact a broker from the following link to register for trading ID. The broker will serve clients at the best possible practices to ensure a smooth trade of products. Once the ID issued, the client can order his purchase based of the export offering notice displayed 24 hours prior to trading session on the IME website. Settlement of trades are carried out in the IME's clearing house, then the delivery notice is issued to the order of client or his legal representative for shipment and export.



To contact a brokerage firm please click here.


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