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Settlement & Delivery-Side Market

Settlement, Clearing and Delivery in the Side Market


1- In the auction form of offering, the settlement and delivery shall be executed in accordance with the rules and regulation of IME spot transactions.

2- In the whole-lot form of offering, settlement shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions stated in the offering notice. In case that the buyer realizes the conditions of the offering notice including cash payment and fulfilling non-cash payment the seller shall be committed to sign the OTC clearing document for clearing out clearing house and submitting it to his brokerage firm. In addition, failure of the buyer in payment of cash segment of the transaction in accordance with the offering notice provision, provided that it has been revealed to the arbitration committee or through verbal confirmation of the two sides, the clearing house shall deduct all fees and commission from the collaterals of the buyer and shall pay the remainder to the account of the seller through his brokerage firm.

3- In case of fulfillment of the buyer's obligations towards transaction and failure of the seller in signing the OTC clearing documents, all charges and fees shall be deducted from the collaterals of the seller with the clearing house and will be paid to the buyer's account through his brokerage firm.



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