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Listing Conditions of Underlying Asset in Derivatives Market of IME


The underlying asset is chosen by the Listings Committee from among the products listed on the exchange or commodities having a solid physical market.  

The specifications elements of the futures contracts are approved by the Exchange's board of directors. The key specifications includes:

1- The name of the underlying asset                                             

2- The trade symbol                                                                                                                                   

3- Contract Size                                 

4- Delivery standards                           

5- Futures contract maturity month

6- Daily price limits

7- The "trading session" includes:        

    - Opening of trading day                  

    - Closing of trading day                    

8- Date of delivery                                

9- Location of delivery                          

10- Minimum order price change

11- Initial margin

12- Minimum margin

13- Maximum order size

14- Price unit 

15-Trading fees

16- Penalties

17-Trading hours 

18- Deadline for notice of delivery readiness

19- Delivery prepayment

20- Open positions limit


Before the launch of a futures contract the IME notifies the public via its website at least three business days prior to the start of transactions in each trading symbol.





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