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8.7 million tonnes of Commodities Changed Hands on IME

Within the month ending on January 20, 2023, the IME witnessed trade of 8,776,034 tonnes of commodities and 28,455 vehicles with a total trading value of more than 3 billion USD on its physical market, logging growths of 4.1% in value of trades compared with the month before that.
8.7 million tonnes of Commodities Changed Hands on IME

According to a report by the IME's International Affairs and PR, the exchange saw on both domestic and export pits of its oil and petrochemical trading floor, trade of 1,589,743 tonnes of commodities valued at more than 911 million USD.

The IME's customers purchased on this floor 377,000 tonnes of vacuum bottom, 508,989 tonnes of bitumen, 383,683 tonnes of polymeric products, 144,560 tonnes of chemicals, 129,100 tonnes of lube cut, 20,535 tonnes of sulfur, 21,552 tonnes of oil, 6,524 tonnes of petroleum products, 560 tonnes of insulation and 740 tonnes of feedstocks.

Moreover, the exchange saw trade of 7,017,408 tonnes of commodities and 28,455 vehicles worth more than 2 billion USD on its metals and minerals trading floor.

Items traded on this floor included 4,071,313 tonnes of cement, 1,173,000 tonnes of iron ore, 1,483,512 tonnes of steel, 262,075 tonnes of zinc, 69,325 tonnes of aluminum, 42,000 tonnes of sponge iron, 30,178 tonnes of copper, 2,000 tonnes of coke, 800 tonnes of molybdenum concentrate, 550 tonnes of lead, 42 tonnes of precious metals concentrate and 45 kg of gold bars.

Last was the IME's side market on which the exchange traded 168,882 tonnes of commodities

Author: IME International Affairs

ID: 50079198

Published on: Sunday, January 22, 2023 12:00

Source: IME PR

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