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IME Export Ring Played Host to Trade of Bitumen, Copper and Vacuum Bottom

On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, the IME witnessed trade of 21,330 tonnes of bitumen, 10,000 tonnes of sulfur and 3,000 tonnes of copper on its export ring.
IME Export Ring Played Host to Trade of Bitumen, Copper and Vacuum Bottom

According to report by the IME's international affairs and PR, the exchange sold on its oil and petrochemical trading floor 42,823 tonnes of polymeric products, 1,125 tonnes of chemicals and 224 tonnes of bitumen.

Next was the IME metals and minerals trading floor with 93,940 tonnes of steel blooms, 26,400 tonnes of steel slabs and 6,550 tonnes of steel sheets.

Moreover, there were 85,000 tonnes of iron ore concentrate and 5,000 tonnes of vacuum bottom traded on the exchange's open auction trading floor.

Also, the exchange registered trade of 6,090 tones of cement in matching contracts.

Last was the IME's side market which saw trade of 12,616 tonnes of steel blooms, metal scraps, normal paraffin, glass wool and carbon black.

Author: IME International Affairs

ID: 50076886

Published on: Tuesday, January 18, 2022 19:00

Source: IME PR

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