The Message of the CEO of IME for The Nowruz of 1399

The New Year Message of Dr. Soltani Nejad, CEO of the IME, for the coming of the New Iranian Year 1399 and Nowruz celebrations
The Message of the CEO of IME for The Nowruz of 1399


In the name of God


"I see Him from all over the world

His appearance is the world I see everywhere,

As she wears in Nowruz her new embellish of grass and flowers

I see my Sweetheart all colors and scents"

                                                      (From a ballad by Shahriar)



The Nowruz celebration and the nature’s resurrection are signs of the glory of the almighty God. Thanks God who bestowed upon us an unparalleled opportunity to witness another Nowruz making us learn the divine lesson of life in the change of seasons and coming of the spring.

The year 1398 was full of tough moments, which were left behind satisfactorily due to empathy and collaboration of all people of my country, though they are at the moment grappling with the tough ordeal of a pandemic supposed to be making this Iranian New Year’s eve quite different from the previous ones. However, without hesitation, the grandeur and the unshakable will of the Iranian people will emerge victorious against all headwinds of hardships and we will witness more glorious and promising days for our dearest Iran once again.

In1398, the Iranian capital market as well as the IME’s resilience were put to test going through hardships left behind on a positive trajectory. The total value of the IME’s transactions in 1398, despite the recessionary economic ambience of the country, stood slightly at the same level as the year earlier 1397, with the spot market transactions recording an off-the-chart rally in value.

During the year we passed behind, we managed to launch futures, options and commodity depository receipts (CDR) on cumin seeds and pistachios as the salient underlying commodities making a triangle of strategic agricultural commodities together with saffron.

The progressive movement and growth momentum of the exchange carried on during this period notwithstanding the special economic condition imposed under unfair sanctions, so we have the devote hope to see a successful and bounteous 1399 come true.

Last but not least, congratulating the anniversary of the Prophet Mohammad’s (S.A.W) Revelation or Eid-ul-Mab’ath to all dear fellow Iranians, economic professionals including the capital market entities and participants as well as my hard-working colleagues in the IME, I wish you all the best of good health, prosperity, happiness and honor in the coming year of 1399.


Hamed Soltani Nejad

ID: 50073023

Published on: Tuesday, March 17, 2020 18:36

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Thursday, May 28, 2020 18:30

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